Ultrasonic Testing


National Cylinder Services is certified in the latest technology of Ultrasonic Testing of high pressure cylinders. We have the ability to test cylinders without ever removing the valve, identifying pits, gouges, cracks, and corrosion. The system measures and detects lost cylinder wall thickness as well as identifies undesirable fluid inside the cylinders. 
 Ultrasonic Includes: Industrial Tanks, Specialty Gas Cylinders, Medical Cylinders and much more.

Benefits Include

  • No water introduced inside the cylinder
  • Valves are not removed
  • Identifies manufacturer defects that hydrostatic testing cannot detect. IE cylinder wall thickness
  • Quick turnaround
As an approved DOT testing and cylinder requalification facility, all cylinders are inspected visually and ultrasonically according to the approved requirements. Ask us today about using the latest technology to requalify your cylinders!