Safety is the first of our key components for opperating our business sucessfuly.

Safety Standards

National Cylinder adheres to the highest of safety standards and testing regulations to ensure our customers meet all DOT requirements. As one of the few companies dedicated to Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic testing, we understand the safety reasons and extreme importance of testing cylinders by the end of the requalification periods. For most cylinders the requalification period is 5 years from the last test date. If you have questions on when your cylinder needs to be requalified, please consult the link file below.

Did you know

Aluminum cylinders containing 6351-T6 alloy are known to be susceptible to sustained load cracking in the shoulder and neck area. When not properly serviced the cylinder can rupture causing serious injury or property damage. The DOT mandates that all oxygen, SCUBA and SCBA be visual Eddy Current tested.